North Carolina, New York and world wide wedding photographer Neil Cowley

Faseeh Shams

Verve Photo- The New Breed of Documentary Photographers

Snake Charmer. Lahore, Pakistan 2012

Faseeh Shams (b. 1984, Pakistan) began his career wandering in northern Pakistan with a small point and shoot camera. He later earned his MBA in Human Resources and an MA in Marketing and worked as a brand marketing consultant for a firm in England. Faseeh’s work has been published in Newsweek, the BBC and Reuters among other publications. His photographs have been exhibited at Punjab University and Gallery 320. He is currently based in Lahore, Pakistan but frequently travels to Iran, Afghanistan and the UK.

About the Photograph:

“My daughter, he proudly boasted ‘She is the queen of all tribes living here. One day she will be the best snake catcher of all Pakistan.’ Shazia was barely five years old, the youngest family member of the clan who had their tents parked outside Lahore in an abandoned lot. Snake charming is an art and a profession…

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